The Rüsterei - Our restaurant in Sihlcity


Thinking innovatively, questioning the tried and tested, daring to try new things, advancing the art of cooking. The Rüsterei in Zurich is more than just a restaurant. With its seasonal, regional, and homemade kitchen formula, the Rüsterei pays attention to the environment, animal welfare, and good taste. The grill restaurant serves multi-course Tavolata, the canteen elevates street-food classics to the next level on its plates, the bar invites guests to enjoy top coffee specialties and cocktail specials – and the Sunday brunch is a delightful way to end the week. Outside its premises, the Rüsterei is also culinary active. As a caterer, the restaurant is available at any time and for any place, with or without its own food truck, but always with authentic hospitality and high service quality.


The Rüsterei is a place that reflects a piece of Zurich's history and culture. Located in the old Sihl paper factory, which was once used for heavy paper rolls, the restaurant is part of the Sihlcity complex. The building still radiates the power of the industrial founding years today. In 1976, the last paper rolls left the Rüsterei on the ground floor. In 1995, the first artists moved in as tenants into the industrial wasteland. In 2007, the space was redesigned into a restaurant by the Zermatt artist Heinz Julen and expanded into a gastronomic three-division house six years later.

Sustainable commitment

Cooking in the armory

Like Tom Tasty, the Rüsterei is aware of its responsibility for a sustainable future. As part of the Zurich gastronomy scene, the restaurant pursues a modern and responsible approach to today's gastronomy. The collaboration and commitment with the "Soil to Soul" symposium significantly promote this. Soil to Soul advocates for healthy, fertile soil, regenerative agriculture, and thus for a nutrient-rich, enjoyable diet. Together, they generate awareness, inspire, inform, and create moments of pleasure.