Tom's philosophy

Tom Tasty's outstanding cuisine combines animal welfare and environmentally conscious agriculture with the utmost convenience for discerning gourmets. As a guest at Tom Tasty, you experience not only balanced menus from exquisite cuisine but also support the establishment and development of regenerative farms. But what does regenerative agriculture actually mean? It is practiced by farmers who do not want to take more from the earth than they can naturally give back. At its heart is healthy, living soil. Pesticides and herbicides are generally not used. In livestock farming, the focus is on animal welfare and responsible resource management. Regenerative agriculture is often more productive than conventional methods, though it also involves more effort. It is sustainable and promotes the build-up of humus; soils richer in humus demonstrably store more CO2 and water.

In Switzerland's traditional economic cycles, biodiverse agriculture is hardly profitable since the broad offering often lacks corresponding customers seasonally. However, with vegetable box subscriptions and cooperation agreements with innovative and responsible restaurateurs, some courageous farmers have been able to establish themselves successfully. As a guest at Tom Tasty, you significantly contribute to the preservation of these operations and the expansion of others. Your subscription is your commitment! It provides us with the basis for early planning and corresponding purchase guarantees with our agricultural partners. In 2024, Tom Tasty and its sister establishment, the "Rüsterei" restaurant, will source approximately 22 tons of food from regenerative farms, setting a strong signal for sustainable and flavorful gastronomy.