Soil to Soul Symposium - you are what you eat!

In a world where our food often collects more travel points than we do, the "Soil to Soul" movement is dedicated to reconnecting us with the source of our nourishment – the soil.


True to the motto "you are what you eat!", Soil to Soul aims to demonstrate how what we consume significantly impacts our health and environment.

As a knowledge platform, Soil to Soul produces and publishes useful information, organizes events, connects relevant stakeholders, and motivates sustainable action. Soil to Soul focuses on science but also places great value on the enjoyment that healthy soil makes possible. The highlight is the annual Soil to Soul Symposium in autumn in Zurich, which brings the earth and our plates a little closer together.

The soil is not just the foundation of our food but also the protagonist of this symposium. And indeed, the soil has much to say if we only listen. For three days, Soil to Soul aims to dedicate deserved attention to our soil through panel discussions, workshops, keynotes, enjoyable lunches and dinners, and a regional market, highlighting the interconnected effects of soil degradation on the environment and our health. A key focus is the soil-gut cycle: By eating more consciously, we contribute to preserving our soils, thereby restoring soil's importance for the climate as well as the health of humans and animals.

Soil to Soul is much more than just an event; the movement, active in Switzerland and Portugal, aims to deepen our understanding and appreciation for the soil and the food it produces, to actively shape and advance the transformation into a sustainable food and agricultural system.

Team Soil To Soul