Everything you need to know.

We send you freshly prepared food every week to your home, which you just need to heat up.

Select & Order

Decide whether you want to order your food in a discounted subscription or as a one-time purchase. Then, compile your menu selection, add it to the cart, and complete the order by Friday 11 am. Only then do we order the fresh ingredients to avoid food waste.

We cook for You

Now, our trained & experienced chefs cook your dishes with a lot of passion and love in our cloud kitchen. For this, we only use high-quality and predominantly ingredients from sustainable agriculture. By the way, numerous dishes for our restaurant, the Rüsterei in Sihlcity, are also created in this kitchen.

We Pack & Ship

Now, we pack your dishes under a protective atmosphere, remove the oxygen, and fill the individual packages with a food-grade gas. This way, we can completely avoid the use of preservatives. On Tuesday evening, we hand over the package to Planzer, who delivers it to your home on Wednesday. Nationwide and to Liechtenstein.

Heat & Enjoy

You receive the package on Wednesday and should put the dishes in the fridge by 11 pm. This ensures that the delivery chain is not interrupted. Now you can heat the dishes over the next 7 days. For this, use a pan, oven, microwave, or steamer.


We are happy to take back the box, insulation material, and cooling packs. Simply stick the return label on the package, and the courier will take it back free of charge on their next delivery. You can easily recycle the dish trays yourself by separating the film from the cardboard according to the instructions.

Manage weekly

If you opt for the weekly delivery, you will receive an email on Thursdays with the menus we have selected for you, and you can edit this selection. Of course, you always have the option to skip the delivery or pause it indefinitely.

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